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ProtoSem is a 20 weeks Graduate Innovation Engineer Certification offered as a comprehensive skills and competency development program that embeds an innovation-centered approach to engineering education. This program helps students to work towards designing, developing and deploying innovative solutions to solve real world problems provided by the Industry. In this process they get transformed into employable individuals or even emerge as technical entrepreneurs.

This first of its kind program offers expert training, technology & innovation mentoring, adaptive learning in a flipped classroom apart from deep exposure to tools and techniques for prototyping innovative solutions using creative technologies covering IoT sensors, Edge Computing & Networks, Additive Manufacturing, Industrial Automation, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR etc.

Impact Created

Vision & Strategy

Activate and Enable Future Ready Talent

Enable Innovation Engineers across Emerging Technology Domains with Transdisciplinary skills and Professional Practices.

Drive Grassroot/Localized Innovation

Drive Innovation Engineers to build innovative solutions for local industry needs or problems to strengthen Engineering skills.

Build and Harness Student Innovation Quotient

Improve Innovation Quotient in Engineers through an Innovation Centered Approach integrated into Engineering Curriculum.


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Applied Design Thinking

Apply a scientific method to define and test various product innovations using critical thinking skills.

Startup Fundamentals

Develop an Entrepreneurial mindset to identify, assess, shape and act on opportunities.

Hardware Foundations

Understand and implement the functions and capabilities of embedded platforms for rapid prototyping.

Software Fundamentals

Understand the aspects of computer programming protocols and use it to solve real world problems.

Design & Development

Develop 3D models and create prototypes in a quick iterative methodology using tools and techniques of rapid prototyping.

Specialization Tracks

Specialize in emerging technologies like Industrial Artificial Intelligence or Industrial Automation and Robotics.


Non Invasive Food Quality Testing and Grading

A visual and spectroscopic inspection system that analyses the quality of the fresh produce according to its internal and external parameters by which the grade and safety of the processed food are ensured. The system is retrofittable and can be integrated into Conveyor belts for quality analysis.

Hand launchable Copter for Surveillance

A compact UAV low weight which can create complete 360 degree situational awareness among the squad for upto 1.5 kms radius with the real time terrain classification and object detection. The device is capable of perching on a complete surface to enable the autonomous remote reconnaissance.

Borewell Disaster Rescue and Monitoring Bot

A fast and secure system that assists NRDF personnel in the rescue of borehole trapped casualties. The gripping mechanism and monitoring device in the system enables the rescue team to continuously monitor the victim and act as a tool to uplift the victim from the borewell.

Individual Protection System with built-in sensors

A Protection system for soldiers with real-time tracking, allowing commanders to have enhanced decision making. The system enables the Internet of Battlefield Things (IOBT) connecting soldiers with smart technology providing better situation awareness and risk assessment.

Machine Vision System for Inspection

A fully automated machine vision system to detect cracks and defects in automobile components manufactured by Tier-1&2 OEM suppliers thereby reducing the QC operation cost by 85%. thereby decreasing human errors, labor dependencies, product cycle time in the component production process.

Smart Sanitary Napkin Dispenser

An loT-based vending machine that is equipped with digital technologies to enable easy access, track and monitor the disbursement of sanitary napkins. Through, hardware-as-a-Service model, the innovation offers integrated services for 24/7 support and data-driven operations.

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