Insulin Pump

An Assistive Device for Diabetic Management

"Smart Insulin Pump provides a prolonged diabetic patients to manage the insulin treatment through pre-programmed precise insulin delivery mechanism enabling 24x7 monitoring of dosage intake, notification system with refill alert and indication to caretaker/doctor of missed intake. A mobile app helps the patients, doctors and caretakers to unified under a single platform to manage healthy and quality lifestyle for a diabetic patients."




Grant Funding


Raghul Prasad

Sathya Narayanan

Sanjay Selvaraj


Product Innovation Rubric

S.No. Questions iCamp ProtoSem LaunchPad
1 Is the problem statement defined clearly ? 6 20 -
2 Is the problem worth solving ? 8 14 -
3 Is the choosen target customer strongly motivated to solve the problem ? 6 14 -
4 Is the core value proposition defined, quantified and validated ? 6 12 -
5 Is the MUP Concept effective in testing the target value proposition ? 6 12 -

Innovation Quadrant Evaluation