Automated Rail Monitoring for NDT Fault Detectection

Automated Rail Monitoring for NDT Fault Detectection

"Automated Rail Monitoring System for NDT Fault Detection employing a double rail tester (DRT) and multiple ultrasonic sensors to monitor the defect on all parts of the rail and sleeper. The system allows real time monitoring of the data sensed by the machine in the track from a remote computer, identifies faults and send alerts."




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Product Innovation Rubric

S.No. Questions iCamp ProtoSem LaunchPad
1 Is the problem statement defined clearly ? 10 10 14
2 Is the problem worth solving ? 10 12 14
3 Is the choosen target customer strongly motivated to solve the problem ? 8 8 16
4 Is the core value proposition defined, quantified and validated ? 4 8 12
5 Is the MUP Concept effective in testing the target value proposition ? 2 8 8

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