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Machine Vision for Inspection/QC of Automobile Parts

"A fully automated machine vision system to detect cracks and defects in automobile components (about 50000 part/day) manufactured by Tier-1&2 OEM suppliers thereby reducing the QC operation cost by 85% and also decreases human errors, labor dependencies, product cycle time in the component production process."




Grant Funding


Mohamed Ameen

Divya Rajasekaran

Kaushik Siddharth

Gokul Subramaniam

Product Innovation Rubric

S.No. Questions iCamp ProtoSem LaunchPad
1 Is the problem statement defined clearly ? 6 10 -
2 Is the problem worth solving ? 12 14 -
3 Is the choosen target customer strongly motivated to solve the problem ? 8 20 -
4 Is the core value proposition defined, quantified and validated ? 6 12 -
5 Is the MUP Concept effective in testing the target value proposition ? 6 12 -

Innovation Quadrant Evaluation